Questions To Ask Anyone Giving Investment Advice

Since printed material must be approved by their firm an advisor’s answers should be In Writing.

  • Are you regulated as a Fiduciary? (If they are request a copy of their firms ADV Part 2A: Disclosure Brochure)
  • How are you paid? (A Percent of Account Value, Trade Commissions, Salary, Hourly Rate, or a combination)
  • If you are paid based on a percent of my account value exactly How Is Your Fee Calculated?
  • Will I pay this Asset Fee on the value of Uninvested Cash, Stock or Funds I select and Manage Myself?
  • Are All Accounts (IRA’s, Joint, Single, Trust, Custodial) combined to reach Lower Breakpoints for this fee?
  • Can you receive Prizes, Trips, Titles or other Incentives for selling specific products or reaching sales goals?
  • Can your income ever be reduced if you don’t reach specific annual sales or commission Quotas?
  • If I decide to have a managed fund portfolio how do you decide What To Buy and When To Sell?
  • If you do not manage my investments Can I Talk To The Manager if I have questions?
  • How will you Work For Me After I Invest?