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I believe that the Third Party Managed Accounts (TPMA’s) sold to individual investors by brokers, banks and financial planners are Much to Expensive and can cost investors thousands in Unnecessary Fees every year.

I have never seen anything that shows these programs produce better results than a diversified portfolio of low-cost No-Load and Exchange Traded Funds that is managed with on-going Performance Tracking Research.

If you are interested in learning more about our Portfolio Management, Research and Discount Brokerage services please use this Contact Form or Call, Text, or E-mail me your name and address. I will mail you a copy of our current FINRA Disclosure Brochure an example of the Monthly PT Updates and the current Select List of funds in 49 worldwide market sectors.

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If you live near Anacortes and would like to ask questions in person please contact me to set up a convenient time to meet. Since 1992 I have met with people by appointment from an office at my home near Campbell Lake.

Jim Bunker