Portfolio Management

Investing into profitable, growing companies that pay annual cash dividends has always been one of the best long-term investment strategies. Unfortunately, many investors don’t have the time, experience or really any interest in doing the research to effectively manage a portfolio of individual securities. For these investors professionally managed Mutual Funds or Exchange Traded Index Funds are a much more effective way to diversify and manage their IRA, Rollover, Trust and Custodial portfolios. Funds are Completely Transparent with Full Disclosure of their Expenses and Performance over different time periods. Since funds are broadly diversified, they are much less volatile than individual stock positions and allow investors to easily invest into or avoid specific market sectors.

Investment advisors can invest into both No-Load Funds and Load Funds (without front-end sales charges) and have both Managed and Self-Directed investments held in the same Discount Brokerage account.

Every month since 1992 PTI has searched for funds with the best combination of Performance for Investors and Very Low Management Expenses. Updating each funds PT Grade and reporting these current facts to investors every month is how Performance Tracking Inc. Works For People After They Invest.

If you had two funds to choose from in the Same Market Sector and one fund had Lower Fees and Expenses with consistently Better Performance for investors The Choice Would Be Easy.

To find these select funds today over 2000 No-Load and Exchange Traded Funds are tracked in 50 Sectors of the worldwide stock and bond markets. Each fund is given a PT Grade (A-Highest to F-Lowest) based on the fund’s Performance Over Different Time Periods and Management Expenses. All investments for PT Managed Portfolios are selected based on this research. Performance Tracking Inc. has Absolutely No Incentive to select any fund and all investments are based solely on the fully disclosed Facts and Rankings.

Performance Tracking Managed Portfolios are designed to provide conservative Growth and Income over time. There is no attempt to predict Short-Term Swings in the securities markets. Funds that will be needed within a year should be invested in liquid, short term income funds or the money market.

Successful Investing does not have to be Complicated or Expensive. No portfolio management strategy is perfect and past performance does not predict future results but this simple, low-cost approach to diversify and manage investment portfolios has been very effective for over 25 Years.

Risk Tolerance
Since every investor has a different Risk Tolerance for fluctuations in the securities markets PT Managed Portfolios make it easy for investors to request specific allocations for their portfolio. Investors can reduce their market risk by requesting that a Fixed Minimum Percent of their account be invested in Short-Term Bond Funds or the Money Market. Investors who want more opportunity for growth over time can request that Growth and Balanced Funds make up at least a Fixed Minimum Percent of their portfolio. Investors can change fixed minimum allocation requests anytime.

Without Any Fixed Minimum Allocation Instructions PT Managed Portfolios will be broadly diversified between Growth, Balanced and Income funds based on the fund’s current PT Grade. Funds are exchanged based solely on significant changes in these grades. All current PT Grades for each of their positions are shown on every investor’s Monthly PT Update.

Diversification: Growth & Income
Growth Sectors:
Bear Market (Short)…..Energy…..Europe…..Natural Resources…..US Mid Cap Blend…..Emerging Mkts…..China…..Financial Services…..Pacific/Asia…..US Mid Cap Growth…..Latin American…..Commodities…..Global Real Estate…..Precious Metals…..US Mid Cap Value…..US Large Value…..Communications…..Health Care…..Real Estate…..US Small Cap Blend…..World Stock…..Consumer Cyclical…..Hedged (Long/Short)…..Technology…..US Small Cap Growth…..Bal-70% Stocks…..Consumer Defensive…..Foreign Large Cap…..US Large Blend…..US Small Cap Value…..Balanced-50% to 70% Stocks…..Convertible Securities…..Foreign Small/Mid Cap…..US Large Growth…..Utilities…..Balanced-Stocks Below 50%…..World Balanced
Income Sectors:
Inflation Protected…..Long Taxable (25+ years)…..Intermediate Taxable (3 to 10 years)…..Short Taxable (1-3 years)…..Emerging Market…..International…..Long Tax-Free…..Intermediate Tax Free…..Short Tax-Free…..Floating Rate/Bank Loan