Financial Planning

PTI is an Investment Management Practice and does not offer Financial Planning, Tax or Legal advice. However, Financial Planning is very important for everyone and for most investors it’s Common Sense. Live within a budget, save regularly for big future events and contribute the maximum to IRA’s and other retirement plans. Be sure wills, powers of attorney, beneficiaries, trusts, and insurance policies are up to date. For specific legal, estate planning and tax advice use a qualified attorney or CPA that specializes in the area where you need help. If you feel you need a Written Financial Plan consider hiring a local “Fee-Only” Financial Planner just as you would a doctor, attorney, accountant, contractor or any other licensed professional. Someone who is Paid By You for their work and not by High Commissions and Ongoing Fees.

Investors have a wide range of options for Financial Planning Advice. Brokers, bankers, and insurance agents often call themselves “Financial Planners” and claim to offer unbiased recommendations, but their income typically depends on their Sales of Investment Products. Investment firms want their salespeople to focus on sales and prospecting for new clients not managing portfolios. Third Party Managed Fund Portfolios are widely recommended because they provide a steady stream of High Ongoing Fees and don’t take up the brokers time after the initial sale. Handing Off Management adds another layer of expenses (in addition to the brokers fee) that can Hurt Long-Term Performance and can make these accounts Much Too Expensive.