After Investing

In addition to their monthly brokerage statements Performance Tracking Inc. sends every investor Monthly Updates that show the changes in each of their investments. Investors in PT Portfolios will know how their investments are selected, why positions are exchanged and how the performance of their positions compares to other investments in the same market sector. Self-directed investors who select their own individual stocks will see the changes in each company’s earnings, dividends, market performance and Morningstar’s corporate health grades. PTI’s Monthly Updates show the following facts for each account.

The Diversification Percent of growth, balanced, long & short-term income funds, and individual stocks.
The Year-To-Date Percent Return for each position and for the total account.
The Current Value for each position and the entire account.
For No-Load and Exchange Traded Funds these updates show the current Performance Tracking Grade, Morningstar’s “Star” ranking, the funds market sector, annual dividend yield, annual expense percent and the annualized total return (or loss) for investors over the most recent 3Mo 12Mo and 3 Year periods.

For Investor Managed Individual Stock Positions these updates show the most recent 12-month earnings per share, dividend yield, price earnings ratio, Morningstar’s current grades for Growth, Profitability and Financial Health and the stock’s annualized performance over the most recent 3Mo 12Mo and 3 Year periods.

A Select List that highlights 3 funds in each of 49 market sectors is available anytime on request and is frequently included with the investor’s Monthly Update. This Select List will show investors in PT Portfolios how the performance and expenses of their positions compare to the current selected funds in the same sector.