Performance Tracking Inc (PTI) became an independent investment management practice near Anacortes, Washington after Discount Brokers were created by the deregulation of brokerage commissions.

These new firms offered registered investment advisors Account Custody, allowed them to Set Their Own Fees and work for investors as a Fiduciary to offer unbiased recommendations without the Sales Pressure and Conflicts of Interest at a traditional brokerage firm. After working as both a broker and branch manager for a big nationwide firm it was clear to me that becoming an independent advisor was a much better way to help investors.

PTI opened in 1992 to offer individual investors Lower Fees, Unbiased Research, true Discount Brokerage Services, and monthly Performance Tracking Updates that can help self-directed investors make Better Decisions and show investors who prefer managed portfolios exactly how their investments are selected and why they are exchanged. See the following PT Portfolios and After Investing sections.

Portfolio management Continues Long After an investor has answered the important questions in the following Financial Planning section. Investors should beware of a Financial Planning Trap where the planning process is used as a tool to sell expensive Turnkey Asset Management Programs (TAMPS) that trap investors into High Ongoing Fees and can cost them Thousands in Unnecessary Expenses every year. See Management Fees.

If after looking over the following pages you would like to learn more about PTI’s work for individual investors I would like to mail you PTI’s FINRA Disclosure Brochure an example of the Monthly PT Updates the Current Select List of funds in 49 markets and other Account Information not included here.

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